It is almost impossible to find a reputable casino without a roulette table. This is a game of chance and even though the odds of winning are usually all over the place, its popularity remains relatively high all over the world. It is named from a French word that means little wheel, maybe because the whole game involves a wheel and a little ball. Although this is a game of chance, a few people offer suggestions as to how to increase your odds of winning.

How Roulette Is Played

The intricacies of the Roulette game can get a little complicated but there is the simplified version; players place a bet on where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. The complication arises when you look at all the possibilities; there is a single number bet, multiple number bets, bets on either black or red stops, odd and even numbered stops and of course, low (1-18) and high(19-36) numbers.

To play the game, the wheel is spun at a determined speed in one direction and the ball is spun in the opposite direction. When the ball loses momentum because of the nature of the circular, curved track of the wheel, it passes through an area with a series of deflectors. It then lands on one of 37 or 38 numbers depending on whether you are playing the French/European or American version of the game.

Understanding Different Bets

Players can bet on either one number or a group of numbers in Roulette. Choosing more numbers increases your odds of winning but decreases the eventual payout. All in all, there are three types of bets in Roulette; inside, outside and announced bets. Inside bets are bets that are placed on the actual numbers on the table. Outside bets are placed on other areas of the table that dictate groups of numbers you can bet on.

As mentioned, outside bets allow you to bet on more than the numbers. They allow you to bet on the color of the winning number, whether the winning number will be odd or even, bet on whether the winning number will be high or low and from which column on the roulette table the winning number will be. Although this type of bet is very risky, most casinos offer a lot more for the correct prediction in outside bets.

Roulette - The game of chance

Roulette Is Quite Technical

If you are the type of player who likes technical casino games, you are going to love roulette. There is so much to know and learn but the rewards are worth it. There are also lots of variations to the game so you will never get bored as there will always be that one new variation to try out. The game of roulette is also one of the riskiest games in any casino as the game is a chances game.